Hikes along the coast

In these places, more than elsewhere, the connection between landscape and inhabitants expresses the relationship of an agelong challenge between man and nature that led to the denomination of Cinque Terre Park as Park of Mankind and the recognition of the territory of the Cinque Terre and of Portovenere and the territory of the small islands of the Gulf of La Spezia as Heritage of Mankind.

Because of the grapevine and olive growing, the steep slopes require a sharp alteration by means of terracings supported by dry-stone walls that have to be constantly reinforced. Every aspect of the present landscape is a result of a skilful construction of the territory which, over centuries, replaced the original self-vegetation and the steep inhospitable areas with thick cultivated terracings and charming maritime villages.

In a region characterised by a nature hostile to the presence of men, the need to obtain spaces for man’s survival imposed a close challenge between man and nature that deeply marked both of them: the roughness of the ground is reflected in the rude and shy manners, the aridity of the soil in the stubbornness and in the hollow cheeks.

Walking through the paths on the East side of the Riviera, visitors can personally admire, amazed and disarmed, the huge effort that such an enterprise involved and they let themselves be struck by the revelation of how much beauty man is able to create in his struggle against nature.

I will take you in a slow way in the most genuine and intimate places of our territory where the strain of a hard, solitary and steady labour echoes the landscape, blinded by the sun and swept by the sea, and where the unshakeable hope, which pushes on such a tiring work, finds solace under the disguise of vineyards covering the coast, in the miracle of thin vines that, in spite of the drought, produce a vintage wine.

We will get in the stillness and in the daydream of old maritime villages, going through the typical narrow winding alleys, where small squares, with some lazy cats dozing on a step, open among light yellow and rose houses. We will rest in a cool wineshop or in a café overlooking the waterfront of a small harbour, where we will watch silent the fishing boats leaning against the high walls of the houses and their plasters eaten away by salinity; just those houses that have sheltered their inhabitants from pirate incursions over centuries and which, even nowadays, shelter the small boats from the fury of the rough sea.



Hikes along the coast

In these places, more than elsewhere the connection between landscape

Mountains Hikes

The views, which you can enjoy walking along a path of the Ligurian Apennines, are among the most enchanting ones for their wideness and deepness. By going on the routes of the Alta Via of the Ligurian Mountains and the Alta Via of the Cinque Terre your glance will strech from the ridges of the Vara Valley mountains to those of Lunigiana until the Apuan Alps, getting lost on the horizon until the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, Corsica and France.

From the majestic mountain amphitheater that surrounds the upper course of the river Vara and embraces the medieval village of Varese Ligure the excursionist will enjoy a beautiful sight on the soft landscape of mountains and hillocks, strewn with little rural villages, chestnut woods, fields and pastures.

We will walk through areas of great naturalistic value as recognized by the European Community which granted to the thick and magnificent beechwoods, situated on the cool northern sides of Mount Zatta and Mount Gottero, the SIC denomination, that is Sites of Preservation of the mountain flora and predators at the top of the food chains (for instance the wolf and the eagle).



ains Hikes

The views, which you can enjoy walking along a path of the Ligurian

Hikes in the inland

When my grandmother Assuntina looked at the mountains and the little villages secluded in the Vara Valley woods, she used to say aloud: "a saemu anca l’urtimu sementin, ma...", "we are maybe the last seed (that one left among God’s fingers and fallen down when he rubbed his hands after finishing scattering villages and towns all over the world) but..." and in that suspended "but..." there is all the marvel of the landscape, the poetry of this isolation, the boundless silence of mountains and woods.

There is the pause in front of the evidence of this beauty, the awarness of how much we were lucky to be born and to have put down roots in this land. There is all the dignity of the peasant life and the history of these places.

The Vara Valley is a place where there is still a memory; where there are still grandparents who tell fairy-tales to children, where from misted up windowpanes you can see gloomy woods, where there are peasants and shepherds who keep on living in huts in the wood, where the cunning fox pays a visit to hen houses during the night and the wolf wanders about the shades of the trees.



Hikes in the inland

When my grandmother Assuntina looked at the mountains and the little villages

My Hikes

Cinque Terre National Park:
1) Volastra circular footpath
2) Mesco Cape: from Levanto to Monterosso
3) Tramonti Coast
4) From Riomaggiore to Vernazza passing Nostra Signora di Montenero Sanctuary and Nostra Signora delle Grazie Sanctuary in San Bernardino
5) From Vernazza to Monterosso passing Nostra Signora di Reggio Sanctuary and Nostra Signora di Soviore Sanctuary

Portovenere Regional Natural Park:
1) Palmaria Island (Half Day or Full Day Hike)
2) Mount Muzzerone cliffs (Half Day or Full Day Hike)
3) From Riomaggiore to Portovenere
4) From Campiglia to Portovenere

Montemarcello – Magra Regional Natural Park:
1) The Poets' Gulf: from Lerici to Tellaro and Montemarcello
2) Mount Murlo Botanic Garden
3) Caprione Cape: the ruins of the medieval villages of Portesone and Barbazzano (Half Day or Full Day Hike)
4) Punta Bianca Cape

La Riviera di Levante (Coastal footpaths along the East Ligurian Riviera):
1) The Hare Fall Cape: from Framura to Bonassola (Half Day or Full Day Hike)
2) From Levanto to Bonassola and Framura
3) From Framura to Deiva Marina (Half Day Hike)
4) The Salt Ways of the East Liguria
5) The country villages of Levanto Territory

Vara Valley:
1) Lagorara Valley Prehistoric Archaeological Park (Half Day Hike)
2) Mount Alpe circular footpath (Half Day or Full Day Hike)
3) Mount Verruga circular footpath
4) Mount Bermego circular footpath (Half Day or Full Day Hike)
5) Mount Castellaro of Pignone circular footpath (Half Day Hike)
6) Quaratica circular footpath
7) Casella circular footpath
8) Mangia Stream circular footpath
9) Mount Mallone circular footpath

Alta Via of the Ligurian Mountains:
1) The Organic Valley: Varese Ligure circular itinerary
2) In search of the wolf footprints: Mount Gottero circular footpath
3) Vara River sources: Mount Chiappozzo circular footpath
4) Ancient Ligurians Mountains: Mount Dragnone circular footpath
5) Medieval fortress of the low Vara Valley: Mount Alpicella circular footpath

Along the Via Francigena:
1) Via Francigena in the Magra Valley
2) The itinerary of the medieval villages of Magra Valley: Fosdinovo, Castelnuovo, Ortonovo and Nicola of Ortonovo
3) Castelnuovo and the Sun Hills



My Hikes

Cinque Terre National Park.. Portovenere Regional Natural Park

About me

I am a qualified guide of Cinque Terre National Park, Montemarcello-Magra Regional Park, Portovenere Regional Natural Park, of the Geopaleontological Museum in the Castle of Lerici. I deeply know the Vara Valley and its paths, as well as the Alta Via of the Ligurian Mountains.

I wrote the guidebook to the Vara Valley footpaths (Walking in the Vara Valley – 10 Circular Itineraries in the Inland of the Cinque Terre and Ligurian Riviera of the East Side, published by Erga Edizioni) where I described the remarkable characteristics of the natural surroundings and the villages of the Vara Valley devoting my attention on the history of the landscape and on the rural architecture.
I hold a walking leader qualification and I'm qualified in first aid.
I have been working as a guide to the Ligurian paths for several years. I organize walking tours for Italian and English-speaking people of all ages working together several international tour operators. I like guiding private tours for couples, families and small groups, and I think that one of the most important things of my job is to welcome and to take care for details. I meet different customers every day and so I have learnt to adapt my descriptions to different styles and interests. I'm the recommended hiking guide for Cinque Terre by the most popular travelling guide book of United States (Italy by Rick Steves).
As an environmental educator at the Institute of Environmental Education of Varese Ligure and of the Vara Valley, I took part in the planning, technical coordination and carrying out of school activities, through a series of environmental educational schemes, and a number of activities intended for sustainable development.

Besides, I work together Hydra cooperative at the Institute of Environmental Education of Montemarcello-Magra Regional Park and I carry out didactic activities at the Speleomantes Laboratory of Environmental Education of Riccò del Golfo



About me

I am a qualified guide of Cinque Terre National Park, Montemarcello-Magra Regional Park, Portovenere Regional Natural Park, of the Geopaleontological Museum in the Castle of Lerici.

Fees andbooking

For groups of more than 7 walkers:

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115,00 € Half Day Hike

Low Season (15/10 – 31/03)
150,00 € F/D Full Day Hike
100,00 € H/D Half Day Hike

For groups of less than 7 walkers:

Fares vary according to the period of the year and according to the type of  outing. You could contact me to get further information.

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Itineraries do not involve any notable technical difficulty. Anyway I can recommend you to request information about length, run time and altimetrical range of itineraries, and to consider the instructions given in this regard.

In case of adverse weather conditions or any kind of unexpected security problems for the excursionists, the guide reserves the right to interrupt the outing or to change itinerary. Every efforts will be made to provide the best alternative activities.

Clothes and equipping:
For the itineraries along the coast I could advise you to wear light trousers and in summertime shorts; the coastal itineraries are largely under the sun, therefore the use of a peaked cap and sunglasses is recommended. You should avoid to wear trainers. You would better face even the easiest outings wearing light walking boots which protect your ankles and, in case of rain, they are suitable even in a slippery ground. Along some itineraries trekking sticks are needed too. As regards inland and mountain itineraries you should wear comfortable long trousers, knee-lenght socks and climbing boots. In winter a windcheater is needed. It is essential to carry a small rucksack to bring, besides a rain cloack, a good supply of water, and foodstuffs in case of packed lunch.



Itineraries do not involve any notable technical difficulty. Anyway I can recommend

It rains cats and dogs


I'm a certified Tour Guide of these local Museums:

Museo Tecnico Navale di La Spezia

Museo Archeologico del Castello di San Giorgio

Museo Lia - Museo Civico di Arte Antica Medievale e Moderna ("Il piccolo Louvre della Liguria")

Museo Diocesano e Museo Civico Etnografico G. Podenzana

Camec - Centro di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea


Let's take a stroll under the umbrella:

The Gulf of Poets: Lerici and Portovenere, medieval sea villages that inspired famous poets and landscape artists for centuries

Sarzana: a small town between Liguria and Tuscany, between Middle Ages and Renaissance




It rains cats and dogs